Hope FOr the valley

We're So glad you're here!

New Hope is a place where all are invited to discover who God is and the purpose He has for all of us in His story. We think church should be one of the most engaging and exciting places-a place where people of all backgrounds can experience a God who is real and relevant in their lives today. And that's exactly what we want to help you do!


New Hope Church Online

Life is full of acquired tastes. While some are best left alone, others can be a source of great joy! For many the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an acquired taste. At first it may “taste” negative, especially the part about our need for salvation from our sin. But soon a sweet taste takes over as we experience the joy of living by faith in His grace. This is Gospel Joy!



We love People

We are real people infused with dynamic faith, committed to a common vision, & joined together in love. We believe that every person should have the opportunity have a relationship with Jesus and we have the intent to reach our entire community for Christ.



We love God

We used to be completely broken. But, now we are grateful for undeserved redemption, astonished by amazing grace, healed by forgiveness, humbled by the divine invitation, to be included in the greatest cause on Earth. The realization of this truth is what inspires us to worship the Lord for he is worthy of our praise.



We serve Both

We serve a good & perfect God.  We have compassion for the poor, and our hearts are open to the rich. We believe God wants to prosper those who believe and are generous for His purpose. There are many ways to get involved with serving at New Hope.  We encourage you to be generous & spread the word of God in every area of your life.