To be an innovative, growing and mature follower of Jesus who oversees the junior high, senior high, and college age ministries. We want these real, relevant, and relational ministries to reach out to unchurched students and for Christ to change lives.      




  • Must be capable of directing one of New Hope's most vital and visible ministries that is dually focused on outreach and the spiritual growth of students.    


  • Must be a passionate follower of Jesus Christ who believes he/she has been called to serve the local church. 


  • Must having a working mastery of the Bible and use it as a resource for  his/her ministry. 


  • Must be able to lead someone to Christ.


  • Must possess a college degree relevant to ministry (preferably from an accredited Christian church Bible college). 


  • Must be able to relate well with students (churched and unchurched) while being a Christ-like adult role model. 


  • Must have proficient communication, leadership, and organization skills.   


  • Should be creative and sensitive in his/her ability to incorporate different elements of student ministry into the culture of the church. 


  • Must be efficient with computers and related software.  It is preferable to be able to manage web-based applications and possess publication skills. 


  • Must be authentic, confident in public settings, and relate well to people. 


  • Should be sensitive that his/her appearance is appropriate for the occasion. 


  • Should have a servant's heart and be willing to serve in areas outside the boundaries of student ministry. 





  • To lead a ministry that reaches unchurched students.


  • To build a healthy student ministry based on fellowship, service, discipleship, and Bible study.


  • To invest in relationships that will allow for Christ to change the lives of students and adults. 


  • To build up dependable groups of adult volunteers. 


  • To be a resource person for parents. 





1.         To reach out to unchurched students and introduce them to Christ and  church.   


2.         To recruit, train, and develop adult volunteers who will help serve in all areas of the student ministry.        


3.         To create opportunities for students to build stronger relationships with one  another, with their parents, and with other adults. 
            a.         Social events, activities, and trips  
            b.         Church camp, retreats, conferences, CIY, etc.
            c.          Parents seminars
            d.         Etc.


4.         To offer service opportunities (examples:  visiting nursing homes, short-term mission trips, etc.)    


5.         To oversee various types of growth opportunities for students: Bible studies, discipleship groups, mentoring groups, etc. 


6.         To oversee the Sunday morning Bible Fellowship classes for students
            a.         Recruiting, training, and developing teachers
            b.         Curriculum


7.         To provide separate mid-week programs for Junior and Senior High


8.         To coordinate summer activities and events for college age young adults


9.         To visit with college students on campus (when possible).


10.       To introduce high school students to Bible Colleges and the possibility of a  Bible college education.


11.       To coordinate Graduate Recognition Sunday in the spring for college and  high school seniors


12.       To be available for counseling (as the need arises). 


13.       To coordinate the development of student choirs, drama groups, etc. in  cooperation with the worship arts minister (if need be).


14.       To work in cooperation with the worship arts minister as he/she serves as an adviser to student praise band (if need be).


15.       To collaborate with the Children's Minister in creating a seamless transition between the children's and student's ministries.     


16.       To participate in calling and visitation (outreach, hospital, shut-in)


17.       To teach, and if applicable, preach when needed (2-3 times a year).    


18.       To promote the student ministry through the various forms of church  communication (newsletter, bulletin, e-mail, E-news, etc.).


19.       To work on various projects and programs that requires total staff involvement.


20.       To attend regularly scheduled meetings with the church staff, elders, deacons, and ministry team leaders.    


21.       He (and his family) should be present at the regularly scheduled church  events and functions. 


22.       To serve as a resource person for the church as it reaches out and ministers  to young adults.             


23.       To serve as a resource for parents. 


24.       Any other duties agreed upon or as assigned by the lead minister. 





The Student Minister reports directly to the Lead Minister who oversees all day-to-day operations.  Ultimately, the Student Minister is accountable to the elders of the church.  Also, the Student Minister will have an elder assigned to his ministry for assistance and counsel. 





1.         The salary package includes the following: salary, housing allowance, retirement contribution, and insurance. The Student Minister will determine  how he/she wants his/her salary package broken down.             


2.         The Student Minister will receive a competitive salary package based on  education and experience. The salary package will be reviewed every year     by the elders with raises giving accordingly. 


3.         Depending on education and experience, vacation time will be determined by New Hope's vacation policy or by mutual agreement between the candidate  and the Lead Minister. During tenure, vacation time will be determined by  New Hope's vacation policy or by mutual agreement.    


4.         The Student Minister will receive one day off a week with Saturdays being  considered a flex day. Additional time off for personal needs should be  coordinated with the Lead Minister.  


5.         The Student Minister will be able to attend one conference or convention a  year with reasonable cost to the church and to be approved by the Lead Minister.


6.         The Student Minister will be afforded positive working conditions, computer, cell phone stipend, and mileage reimbursement.